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Removing Red Wine Stains From Carpets

Posted in Carpet Cleaning

A clean, fresh carpet enhances the beauty of your home.  Regular cleaning by a reputable carpet cleaning professional such as your Alpharetta GA carpet cleaners will help keep your carpets and entire home looking great and fresh smelling.  Between professional carpet cleanings, every carpet will acquire a few hard to remove stains. 

If you do any entertaining, you will probably eventually have a few red wine stains to contend with.  These can be particularly challenging to remove, but according to the experts, there are a few things you can try to remove these stains or to at least clean them up well enough to make it to your next professional carpet cleaning.

With red wine stains, prompt action is important.  You want to get as much of the red wine out of the carpet as possible right away.  Blot the red wine with a towel, then add water to the stain and keep blotting until most of the red wine is out of the carpet. Some experts suggest using white wine or club soda instead of water to help lift the red wine out of the carpet.

Many people suggest using salt to remove spilled red wine.  Blot up the spilled wine with a towel, then cover the spill with a pile of salt.  Give the salt a few minutes to absorb the wine, then brush it up and repeat as needed.  Remove residual salt with a vacuum. 

If these techniques don’t get the job done, there are several commercial products such as Oxy Clean and Wine Away that do an excellent job of removing red wine stains from carpet.  If all else fails, it time to call a professional carpet cleaning company.

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