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Uses of Closed Circuit Television

Closed circuit television (CCTV) refers to a type of surveillance system whereby footage recorded by video cameras is transmitted to television monitors on which the footage can be remotely viewed. CCTV allows for continuous monitoring of multiple sites and real-time surveillance whereby footage can be viewed as it happens. CCTV systems also store video surveillance footage in digital file format for future reference.

There are a number of applications of CCTV in residential and commercial settings.

Residential Settings

1)      Nanny cams

CCTV nanny cams are used to monitor hired caregivers in the home, such as a babysitter, governess, nurse, or nurse’s aide. Homeowners can use nanny cams to ensure their children and elderly loved ones are getting the attention and care they deserve. Nanny cams have the additional benefit of allowing homeowners to monitoring everyone who enters the home, such as maintenance workers or even party guests.

2)      Front door cams

CCTV front door cameras are video cameras that allow homeowners to monitor the entrance to their home. They help control access to the home by providing a way to check to see who is at the door without having to open up or look outside. Front door cams help homeowners weed out unwanted visitors such as door-to-door salespeople and also boost security my recording footage of everyone who approaches the entrance of the home.

Commercial settings

1)      Loss prevention

CCTV cameras are used in business places, such as retail outlets and banks, to help prevent losses due to shoplifting, robbery, or fraud. Loss prevention cams are also very useful in other places where theft can occur, such as in schools, restaurants, and museums.

2)      Employee monitoring

CCTV cameras may also be used in settings such as daycares, nursing homes, mental hospitals, or assisted living facilities to make sure employees are providing responsible, quality care and not shirking their duties.


Loss Prevention Cameras Decrease Shoplifting

According to recent statistics from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, more than $35 million dollars worth of goods are stolen from American stores every single day of the year. It’s a problem that costs businesses more than $13 billion every year, and the problem is getting worse as the financial crisis continues to cause problems throughout the country.

More and businesses are turning to loss prevention cameras to protect their profits from unwanted thieves. There are many different styles of loss prevention camera to choose from and your security professional can help you choose the right model to ensure maximum results. Dome cameras are particularly popular in businesses that want to let their customers and staff know that an area or store is being monitored for suspicious activities.

Of course not all problems in business can be solved by advertising your monitoring presence with a sign, particularly if you want to identify a thief rather than just deter them from committing an offense again. In this instance trained security professionals recommend something more subtle like a bullet camera.

A bullet camera is a very small camera which can be easily placed in a strategic location or locations to monitor activity discretely with minimum fuss. And of course your security professional will be happy to help you choose the right equipment for recording the footage which will be DVR based and should be H.264 certified for your peace of mind. Many systems are compatible with your iPhone and can be plugged straight into a computer network too.

In fact it’s a very simple process to install and maintain cameras in your workplace, and over time they pay for themselves by reducing theft and keeping your stock on the shelves until it is sold.


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