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Pool Deck Renovations

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It is closing in on time for summer, and for those who have a pool in their back yard or who are over their neighborhood’s home association and are interested in having their pool deck renovated, now is the time. For many, the pool deck is not something that many people take into consideration. They simply walk on it from one end of the pool to the other. However, when a pool deck becomes slippery or cracks it can be a dangerous place to be. A slippery surface can cause many falls, and cracks that continue to grow and raise can cause people to trip. In fact, many more injuries occur around pools than in them. 

A pool deck renovation includes many different options. Current trends include travertine pavers, clay brick pavers, and concrete pavers. These options are very attractive as the pavers can be laid out in different patterns and designs. Pavers are a sure fire way to enhance the appearance and value of a pool, yet they require very little maintenance once they are laid. 

There are other things to consider besides just the appearance of a pool deck. Taking into consideration the budget and the ideal function of the pool deck is also very important. For instance, if the pool deck is designed for small children, a paver or stone with a rougher surface is highly beneficial since children tend to forget not to run around the pool. Hiring a renovation company with high credentials and experience is important. Make sure to always ask for their license and insurance information in order to protect you during the pool deck renovation.

Posted on behalf of Tri-County Pavers & Design Corp.

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