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Now is the Time to Renovate Your Pool Deck

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If your pool deck is looking a little shabby, winter is the perfect time to schedule a renovation. Spring, summer and fall are the busiest times for relaxing by the pool, making winter the ideal season to remodel or repair your pool area. Give yourself the gift of a beautiful new pool deck this winter, which you can enjoy in the sunny, warm months to come. 

Choices in Pool Deck Pavers

Many people opt for plain concrete when choosing a material for pool decks. However, there are other options which can add style and beauty to your pool area. Pavers are a great choice for pool decks, as they provide a variety of color and style options while offering easy maintenance and repair. Some popular choices of pavers for pool decks include: 

–        Travertine pavers. Travertine is a perfect material for pool decks. The rock stays cool and offers a non-slip surface, which is excellent for the area surrounding your pool.

–        Tumbled marble pavers. Similar to travertine pavers, tumbled marble offers durability and beauty for your pool deck. The natural look of marble can add a touch of class to your outside living area.

–        Brick or concrete pavers. Another option for your pool deck is clay or concrete pavers. While less expensive than natural stone, they are still aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. 

By renovating your pool deck now, when the warmer weather of spring and summer arrive, your pool will be ready for your first pool party. Don’t wait until everyone else is scheduling their pool area remodels; call your local paving company today to get your pool deck renovation done during the slower winter season.

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