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Don’t Throw Away Your iPhone, iPad or iPod!

Most families have some type of “i” device, from iPods to iPhones. These devices have become a large part of our lives, and are continuously changing and upgrading to the next level of technology. As new models come available, the old model with a cracked screen or which just isn’t as cool as the newer version often gets thrown into a drawer and never used again. Even though it’s used and an older model, that device may still be valuable to someone else. Do not throw that old device away; instead get it repaired or even it sell it for cash. 

What to Do With Your Old “i” Devices

With the expanse of these products, another industry has evolved to fix, buy and sell the old models as they are replaced. Instead of throwing away your devices, you can have them repaired or sell them to be refurbished so someone else can enjoy them. Consider these options: 

  • Broken devices. You can have iPad, iPod, or iPhone repaired and keep it as a backup, give it to a friend or family member or even donate it to charity. There are even do-it-yourself repair kits for simple fixes, such as missing screws.
  • Get cash. Whether your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is damaged or in good condition, you can sell it for money. Companies that repair these models often offer a decent price to buy your old devices, even ones that do not work. 

The great thing about either repairing or even selling your older device is that instead of ending up cluttering up your home or in a garbage can, the device can still be used and enjoyed.

Posted on behalf of iDevice MD

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