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What is the Difference Between a Gas and Electric Golf Cart?

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The main two types of golf carts are divided by their fuel or energy engine type. Electric golf carts are the standard and have been used for many decades, one of the first all-electric vehicles. Gas golf carts are a secondary option yet have become more popular for use off the golf course due to their versatility. The differences go beyond the type of engine and where you intend to use your golf cart. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to decide which is better for your needs.

How Far/Long to You Plan to Drive?

Electric golf carts are great for short distances and a limited amount of use. Since they require a battery for energy, they can only run for a limited amount of time. Quick trips around a commercial or residential property, or for a round of golf on the course, are perfect for an electric golf cart.

Gas-powered golf carts are better for longer distances and extended use. If you are heading several miles or into the woods on the street or will be using it, gas golf carts are a better option.

What is Your Budget?

Electric golf carts tend to be less expensive to buy and require less maintenance than gas golf carts. For an economical and eco-friendly option, electric may be a better choice.

Do You Want More Amenities?

Gas-powered golf carts are popular for those that want amenities similar to a car. These carts can go faster and farther, so owners also want features for comfort and convenience. If you are looking for more amenities and a custom ride for your cart, gas-powered may be best for your needs.

To learn more about the differences and benefits of both types of golf carts, visit your local dealer to compare the options.

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Choosing Between a Gas or Electric Golf Cart

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The biggest choice you need to make when buying a golf cart is whether you want a gas or electric model. Although there are many other options to consider, this is the biggest differentiator between types of carts. Both are used in many types of applications, including as recreation vehicles, for businesses and even for on-road transportation. Here are the basics on each to help you choose between the power options on your new golf cart.

Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts depend on a battery for power versus gas. This means they run on a charge and must be recharged between uses. Like any electric vehicle, you must consider how far you plan to go when using an electric golf cart. For a day out on the course or for use around your property, an electric cart is perfect. However, for a long day out on the trails, you may run out of a charge. A few other factors to consider about electric models:

  • Electric golf carts tend to cost less than gas models
  • You must have a place to charge the vehicle
  • Low maintenance, with batteries needing to be replaced every 5-6 years

Gas-Powered Golf Carts

Gas powered carts are more similar to the combustion engines that power most vehicles, just smaller. You will have higher horsepower options than an electric cart and it is more conducive to adding more features like stereos, heating and cooling options since they won’t drain the battery you need for power. For anyone planning on using their cart for trips of more than 25 miles or for more than 2 hours of continuous use, a gas powered cart is a better option.

Talk to your local golf cart retailer to learn more about the pros and cons between gas and electric golf carts to determine which is best for your needs.

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Is a Gas or Electric Powered Golf Cart Right for You?

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When shopping for a new golf cart, there are several options you must consider. Size and model type are among these options, but one of the most basic choices is how the motor is powered. Golf carts come in two main varieties: gas or electric. Which one is best suited to your needs will depend on how and where you will be using your new cart, plus whether environmental considerations are important to you. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing between a gas or electric golf cart: 

–        Trip lengths. Both electric and gas powered golf carts can run for hours. However, electric powered carts do have a limited charge. For those planning on using their carts in the woods or away from an electrical source, gas will be a better option.

–        Accessories. Just like any vehicle, golf carts can come with a wide variety of accessories and features such as stereos, fans and other equipment. Since these must be also run off the power source, if you want a cart with plenty of accessories, a gas powered model may be best.

–        Maintenance. Both gas and electric golf carts are fairly easy to maintain. However, keep in mind that the gas powered models may have extra maintenance for the fuel powered engine, like gas filter replacements.

–        Horsepower. If horsepower is a consideration, gas powered golf carts have much higher horsepower options than electric, up to four times as much in some cases. 

The best way to decide which power option is best for you is to discuss your needs with your golf cart dealer. They can match you p with the right golf cart, one that will meet your specifications and preferences.

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How Would You Use a New Golf Cart?

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Golf carts are quickly becoming the preferred way to travel around large commercial properties or even in residential areas. These small, economical vehicles come in a variety of sizes and capabilities which allow them to transport their users quickly and safely within short distances. Although you will still see plenty of these carts on the golf course, at parks and airports, they are becoming very popular for individuals. If you owned a golf cart, how would you use yours? 

–        Neighborhood transportation. Golf carts can be equipped to legally travel on roads in many areas. This gives their owners a quick, fun way to visit neighbors or even go to the local store down the road.

–        Hunters and outdoorsmen. Many hunters and outdoorsmen love using a golf cart to get to their backwoods destination. Their small design allows them to travel where larger vehicles cannot, saving outdoors enthusiasts time and effort.

–        Large property owners. Those who own a farm or large piece of property enjoy the convenience of having a golf cart to transport them, along with any items they need, from point A to point B.

–        Physical impairments. For anyone who has a physical impairment which makes walking long distances difficult, a golf cart can give them back their freedom. Small golf carts can be brought along to large events, campgrounds and many other areas that require too much walking for some people. 

Golf carts come in both electric and gas models, with sizes ranging from two to six people, or more. If you’ve always wanted a personal transportation vehicle, it may be time to get yourself a new golf cart. It’s also the perfect gift to give a loved one who would benefit from the convenience all these small vehicles can offer.

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Golf Carts Can Make The Perfect Gift

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Looking for a gift for the person who has everything? Consider buying a new or used golf cart for that hard-to-shop-for person. While it may be the perfect gift for a golfer, it can also be a great gift for many other people as well. Golf carts can be used in a wide variety of settings, from taking in the great outdoors on a nature trail to a personal transport vehicle to drive on the road. When you consider everything they can be used for, there are many people that would love to get a golf cart as a gift. 

Uses For Golf Carts

Golf carts can come in a wide variety of types, sizes and options. Small carts can carry two people, while larger varieties can carry six or more. The uses for these small gas or electric vehicles is expansive, which is why they make such great gifts. 

  • Disabled persons. Those who are disabled or have limited mobility are often great candidates for a golf cart. They can use it to drive around their personal property, take on nature trails or even take with them on vacation.
  • Retirement communities. Many aging citizens live in assisted living or retirement communities, which usually feature communal areas for socialization located across fairly expansive properties. Give them the freedom to get to all the different buildings in the complex with a golf cart.
  • Golfers! Yes, this is a great gift for the golfer. No more renting a cart at the course. They can show up in style with their own golf cart in tow, and have the freedom of owning their vehicle. 

You can order golf carts with custom options, and can even get street legal kits added so they can be driven on low-traffic roads. If you have been looking for the ultimate gift for the next birthday or holiday, a golf cart just may fit the bill.

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