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Is a Gas or Electric Powered Golf Cart Right for You?

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When shopping for a new golf cart, there are several options you must consider. Size and model type are among these options, but one of the most basic choices is how the motor is powered. Golf carts come in two main varieties: gas or electric. Which one is best suited to your needs will depend on how and where you will be using your new cart, plus whether environmental considerations are important to you. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing between a gas or electric golf cart: 

–        Trip lengths. Both electric and gas powered golf carts can run for hours. However, electric powered carts do have a limited charge. For those planning on using their carts in the woods or away from an electrical source, gas will be a better option.

–        Accessories. Just like any vehicle, golf carts can come with a wide variety of accessories and features such as stereos, fans and other equipment. Since these must be also run off the power source, if you want a cart with plenty of accessories, a gas powered model may be best.

–        Maintenance. Both gas and electric golf carts are fairly easy to maintain. However, keep in mind that the gas powered models may have extra maintenance for the fuel powered engine, like gas filter replacements.

–        Horsepower. If horsepower is a consideration, gas powered golf carts have much higher horsepower options than electric, up to four times as much in some cases. 

The best way to decide which power option is best for you is to discuss your needs with your golf cart dealer. They can match you p with the right golf cart, one that will meet your specifications and preferences.

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