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Does Your Bay Window Need Help?

Bay windows add beauty and character to a home. However, these heavy windows need sufficient support to keep them level and functional. If you have a bay window in your home that looks un-level or no longer will open/close, there may be structural damage causing the problem. Often, it is not the window that is […]

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Does Your Pool Deck Need a Makeover?

Long days by the pool are a wonderful way to relax. You can enjoy the view of the blue sky, the cool breeze coming off the water on your pool and take in your surroundings. It also gives you time to notice all the wear and tear that your pool deck has endured over the […]

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Does Your Home Need a Makeover?

Your home is your castle and one of the most expensive assets most people own. Keeping it maintained protects its value and your investment. If your home is starting to look rundown, it may be time for a makeover. Not only can a few home improvements make your home look better and maintain its value, […]

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Southern Staircase | Artistic Stairs

Southern Staircase | Artistic Stairs

Southern Staircase | Artistic Stairs

6025 Shiloh Rd, Suite E
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(770) 888-7333

When it comes to designing, building and installing custom stairs, Southern Staircase and Artistic Stairs is an unrivaled choice. We bring over 30 years of industry-leading experience and knowledge in crafting top quality stairs for residential and commercial properties. Our turn-key process, expansive design options and flawless execution are just a few reasons why our Alpharetta based company maintains an impressive reputation across the nation. Whether you are an architect, builder, contractor or homeowner, you can trust us for a stress-free experience and rewarding results in stairs, balusters and handrail construction.

The sky is the limit when designing your stairs with us. We offer countless style options including traditional, modern, Tuscan, rustic, craftsman and much more. Customers can choose from top quality materials such as wood, steel, wrought iron and glass when creating their staircase. We work hard to exceed your expectations in custom staircase design. This is whether you have a small modern office building or a large luxury home. Providing elegant product options that are also cost-effective and durable are what we are known for.

If you need a custom staircase construction for a new home or a simple remodel for your current stairs, choose Southern Staircase and Artistic Stairs. Our seamless communication, cohesive design and flawless installation services make us your top choice. We understand the value in providing stairs that are aesthetically impactful, functional and safe for your occupants. Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your staircase design consultation.

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6025 Shiloh Road
Suite E
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005

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