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Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

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Homeowners throughout Louisiana are still dealing with the effects of severe flooding in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the other hurricanes and storms that followed.  Numerous programs have been implemented by federal and state authorities to assist in the ongoing recovery effort.  Homeowners with homes that are at risk of flooding may be eligible for grants and other funding to protect against future flood damage.

There are a variety of ways to protect a home against flood damage, but the most effective method is to permanently raise the home above the level of anticipated floodwaters.  Called a home elevation, this process is fast becoming the flood protection technique of choice in many areas of coastal Louisiana.  The process consists of lifting an existing home and installing a new foundation or pilings underneath the home.

Almost any type of home can be raised by an expert home elevation contractor.  In the past, the cost of a home elevation put the process out of reach of the majority of homeowners, but thanks to the availability of disaster recovery funding, qualified homeowners can have their homes elevated at little or no cost to them.

One of the funding options is the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program that provides funding for homeowners who participated in the Road Home Program and chose Option One (staying in their home).  There are additional requirements for eligibility and further complicated regulations that must be followed in order to qualify for funding.  The best way to ensure you are qualified and that your home elevation complies with all regulations and requirements necessary to receive funding is to have your home elevation done by an experienced home elevation contractor.

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