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Indoor Air Quality and Central Vacuum Systems

In general the quality of the air inside most homes is poor as a result of the same air being constantly re-circulated by the heating and cooling systems.  This air often contains moisture, insects, dust mites, pollen, dander, fumes from household products and furnishings, smoke, dirt, cooking fumes and germs.  Often these terms negatively impact asthma and allergy suffers and can trigger symptoms.  While it is possible to improve indoor air quality by modifying the heating and cooling system with special filters and introducing outside air into the homes, studies have shown that a central vacuum system will significantly improve the symptoms in people suffering from allergies and asthma. 

Central vacuum systems are a cost effective system integrated into the structure of the home.  Typically they consist of a series of outlets in the walls of the home that will accommodate a series of specialized cleaning tools.  The outlets, which power the cleaning tools using a built in power source, are connected to a central vacuum unit located in an unused part of the home, by a series of pipes.

The vacuuming process is basically the same as a traditional vacuum, with the remotely located unit collecting the large materials.  However, unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, the air is exhausted to the exterior of the home and not to the interior of the home.  This keeps the smaller airborne particles from continuously being re-circulated.  This provides continuous improvement in the indoor air quality of the home, while also significantly improving the quality of life of those suffering from asthma and allergies!

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