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How Often Do You Need Your Chimney Inspected?

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When was the last time your chimney was inspected? Maybe it was when you bought the home, a few years ago or possibly you have never had it properly inspected. Considering the importance of a chimney in heating your home and the consequences of a damaged chimney, it should be a higher priority than it tends to be for many homeowners. Here are some basics on why and how often you should have your chimney inspected.

Your chimney is exposed to the elements, both from the fires you burn and the outside weather. The interior can be damaged through the acidic material that is deposited through the combustion process, breaking down the chimney material. Plus, the inside and outside can be affected from storms, wind and other weather. Even the ground beneath your home can affect your chimneys structure, causing shifting and settling from erosion and other influences.

Other reasons to have your chimney inspected include blockages and buildup inside the chimney. Creosote can accumulate inside the chimney, putting you at risk for a chimney or house fire. Wildlife and debris can enter the chimney, causing blockages that can be dangerous when you start using your fireplace again.

Inspections of your chimney should be done annually for preventive measures. A professional chimney service can check the interior for blockages, buildup and damage that cannot be seen from a visual outside inspection. They can also look for any signs of structure issues or settling that may need to be repaired. The best time to schedule your inspection is in the late summer, early fall, before you will need to use your fireplace again. This allows time to have your chimney cleaned or repaired before the colder weather begins to occur.

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