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5 Signs it is Time to Replace Your Conveyor Belt

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If your business relies on conveyors belts to meet your production goals, efficient maintenance, repairs and replacement is key to your success. You do not want to wait for your conveyor belt to fail to consider a replacement. Avoid production line shutdowns with proactive replacement when there are signs of serious deterioration. Here are five signs it may be time to replace your conveyor belt.

  1. Would it take less time to replace than repair the belt? Even if the belt can be repaired, is it worth it if the downtime is much longer? Weigh the cost of replacement versus repair in downtime costs.
  2. Is there a significant tear? Tears in your belt are repairable, but if it extends more than 25% of the width, you probably should replace versus repair.
  3. Has a temporary repair already been performed? If your belt is failing and a temporary repair has already been performed, it is time to replace instead of trying to repair it again.
  4. How old is the belt? All belts have a life span. When tearing or fraying begin and the belt has met its expected lifespan, replace it.
  5. How busy is your upcoming production schedule? If you have a busy schedule for production over the next few weeks, any sign of deterioration should spur a replacement. You do not want to stop production during a busy time for repair or replacement.

Staying on top of conveyor replacement can save you money in the long run. It is better to proactively replace a belt than spend too much time on constant repairs. Educated your production line managers to make wise decisions on when to replace your conveyor belts and contact your conveyor belt supplier to order extra belts to keep on hand.

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