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Top 3 Reasons for a Conveyor Belt Repair

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Conveyor belts may seem mundane, but they run the manufacturing and shipping industries, plus many others. When they come to a halt, so does your production. Knowing what to look for when it comes to repairs can save you time and hassle of a conveyor belt shutdown. Here are three reasons that conveyor belts need repair.

Roller Problems

Steel rollers can jam – if one roller seizes, it can be bad news for your belt. The steel can quickly cut up your belt, needing a complete replacement. Keep an eye on your rollers if they are steel – keep them maintained to reduce wear on your belts. In some cases, vinyl rollers can be a better option with less chance of tearing up your belt.


If the belt shifts from side to side and doesn’t stay on its correct track or path, it can quickly wear out and need replacement. You will often see excessive edge wear when the tracking is not set correctly. Keeping the belt on the right track is critical – tracking in one of the main reasons for needed repairs.


The wrong tension can cause belt slippage, leading to expensive shutdowns. This can be due to excessive build up that can reduce traction on the belt drive. If the belt is slipping, make sure the tension is tight enough and clear build up to reduce the need for belt repairs.

Prevention is important when it comes to conveyor belt issues. Having an experienced conveyor belt service can help you maintain your equipment and replace parts as needed to prevent expensive shutdowns of your production line.

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