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Does Your Conveyor Timing Belt Need to Be Replaced?

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Conveyor systems are a vital component of many shipping and manufacturing operations. Downtime costs money lost in production and labor. While there are many different maintenance requirements in conveyors to keep them running smoothly, one part of your conveyor can make everything come to a standstill. Timing belts are the workhorses of most manufacturing equipment, including your conveyor system. If one breaks, your entire assembly line can come to a halt.

Timing belts synchronize the internal systems of a conveyor belt, coordinating the different systems so they run smoothly. Just like the timing belts in a vehicle, they ensure all systems are working together. In conveyor belt systems, the timing belt is working with the conveyor pulleys and other components to ensure the belts pause or accelerate as needed on the different platforms of the machinery.

When a timing belt breaks, the conveyor system can no longer function. This is true of almost any engine that has a timing component to mesh the different systems. The timing belt keeps all the systems working together to run smoothly. Once it is lost, so is the mechanical integrity of the conveyor belt.

The problem with timing belts is they can break at any time, often without warning. Regular service and maintenance is the best way to ensure they are changed as needed if they become worn. This can ensure your production line keeps moving on schedule and no downtime is needed for an unexpected timing belt replacement.

Your conveyor manufacturer should have recommended intervals for preventive replacement of your timing belt to avoid costly breakdowns. Keep up with your routine replacement of timing belts and ensure you have extra belts on hand from your industrial supplier to prevent unexpected timing belt problems.

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