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How to Keep Your Conveyor Belt Running Smoothly

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Nothing can slow down production and distribution centers quicker than a conveyor belt breakdown. Your lines can come to a literal standstill when your conveyor tracking is not right or a belt becomes frayed or worn out. Here are some tips to keep your conveyor belt running smoothly to get the most productivity.

Regular Inspections

Your equipment needs to be regularly inspected to catch issues before they lead to a shutdown of your conveyor belt. Some areas to check daily and throughout the week include:

  • Belt wear
  • Wear on the idler
  • Material buildup
  • Pulley alignment
  • Belt tracking


Keeping your belt, motor and other equipment clean can go a long way in helping to keep your conveyor running. Dirt, debris and product residue can put excess wear on your equipment


Your bearings, rollers and other friction parts need lubrication to prevent wear. Make sure to clean any excess grease or oil from the belt. It is also imperative to use the right grease for the equipment. Check with your manufacturer recommendations.

The Right Belt

The most important part of keeping your conveyor belt running smoothly is getting the right belt for the job. The wrong size, type or fit can cause premature wear and lead to breaks and downtime. Talk to your conveyor belt supplier about getting the right belt for your equipment and use to avoid shutdowns.

Maintenance and conveyor belt servicing is key to preventing downtime on your production floor due to a conveyor shutdown. Keeping up with cleaning, inspections and lubrication can make your belts last longer, reduce energy costs and keeping your line moving for maximum productivity.

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