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Signs of Conveyor Belt Problems

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Many different types of businesses rely on conveyor belts to maintain productivity. Whether you own a large manufacturing business or a small retail business that ships out products, you most likely use conveyor belts in your operation. A malfunction of one of your belts can cost you thousands of dollars in downtime and lost productivity. To avoid breakdowns, keep an eye out for common conveyor belt issues before they become expensive problems.

  • Belt slippage. If your belt shifts or slips during use, you may have an issue with the traction or pulley. This can be due to improper tension, debris build up or other issues. Cleaning the conveyor or readjusting the tension could resolve the issue.
  • Noticeable wear on the edges. When your belt begins showing edge wear, it is a sign of trouble. You may have uneven tension or misalignment within your track. If there is even wear throughout the entire belt, it may be time for replacement. Premature wear could mean you are using the wrong belt for your application.
  • Cracked or hardened areas. If you are noticing some areas on your conveyor belt are hardening, cracked or seem swollen, this could be from heat damage.

These can all be signs that your conveyor belt will fail if you do not address these issues. The best solution is to schedule regular maintenance for your conveyor through a reputable conveyor belt service company. Having a professional technician inspect and service your conveyor can ensure you have the correct belts, tension and traction for your application. This is a good investment in your business and can reduce the chance of costly shutdowns in the future.

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