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Custom-Made Golf Carts: A Starter’s Guide

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Whether you’re a veteran golfer or an amateur, you’ve probably encountered a custom-built golf cart at some point or the other. Custom golf carts have mechanical and body features that distinguish them from standard models.

Reasons for customization

Golf carts may be specially designed and custom-painted for fundraising campaigns, or for event marketing and promotions. Customization may also be a matter of comfort and safety. Many retirees opt to assemble their own golf carts so that they can optimize safety amenities. A custom golf cart can also be a fashion statement. From throwback vintage golf cart designs to futuristic buggies, a stylish custom-made golf cart can be a source of pride, and is sure to garner admiration on the green. Lastly, customization may be done to maximize golf cart performance and prolong service life.

Level of customization

From modest do-it-yourself projects to made-to-order purchases, nowadays all levels of customization are possible for golf carts. One approach is to purchase a standard model and add accoutrements and accessories as time and money permits. There are a broad range of online parts dealers that sell everything from the frame and chassis, to seat covers, tires, and more. The other approach is to have your golf cart tailor-made from scratch, according to your specifications. Using a custom golf cart distributor will often cost less in the long-run and will save you the hassle of having to track down parts and accessories.

The customization process

Customizing your golf cart involves everything from choosing the body style (open air or enclosed? Two-passenger or four passenger?) to refurbishing the motor, to tweaking or brainstorming the interior design.  Browsing golf cart distributor catalogues will give you design ideas and help you pin down the customizations that you want. Whether you are a DIY-er, or using a professional service, it is always advisable to get warranties for any parts you purchase and to use reputable vendors.

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