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Facts about Golf Carts

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A golf cart is also called a “golf car”. It is a vehicle mostly used in golf courses for moving golf equipment and golfers around the golf course. They are also popular in retirement communities The Villages in Florida and planned communities like  Peachtree City, Georgia. Most of modern golf carts carts are powered by electric or 4-stroke gas engines and generally driven at a speed less than 25 mph.

History of Golf Carts

The first golf cart for a golf course was made in 1932. The golfers did not like to use it as initially the golf cart was used for disabled golfers only. By the late 50’s, most players started accepting golf carts.

Earlier golf carts were powered electrically; however, gas-powered carts are also being developed now. In most areas electric powered golf carts are preferred but gas golf carts are still in demand especially in hilly areas where the extra horsepower comes in handy.

Production of Golf Carts

Producing golf carts is a big business now as the uses have increased and are not limited to golf course only. Custom golf carts are even available that are custom built according to specific needs of the customer.

Since golf carts are driven generally in restricted areas and at low speeds, in some areas the allowable driving age is 13 years. In the US, the age restriction for driving a golf cart varies in different states.

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