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Top Customized Options for Your Golf or Utility Cart

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You wouldn’t be satisfied with a base model car or truck, so why accept less for your new golf or utility cart? There are so many options to make your cart personalized for your comfort, style and taste. Before you buy a standard golf cart, consider some of the bells and whistles that are available at quality golf cart dealers.

  • Heaters/fans. Keep warm or cool off with options to keep you comfortable when you are out tooling around in your new cart. The heater can be wonderful for early morning golfers or hunters heading out in the woods. Enclosures are also available.
  • Customized bodywork or paint. Trick out your new ride with flames or specialized bodywork. There are many ways to update the look of a standard golf cart.
  • Wheels. Like all vehicles, golf carts with stylish wheels are very popular right now. Consider Mag wheels or choose from many different types of rims to accessorize your new cart.
  • Lift kit or larger tires. Going out on rugged trails? Get your cart lifted and add larger tires to make sure you have the clearance you need.
  • Of course, adding a stereo is almost a necessity. Who wants to go anywhere without access to music or at least a radio?
  • Street legal kits. In many residential areas, golf carts can be used on roads with the addition of a street legal kit.

Don’t settle for a basic golf cart model when you can customize your new cart for your lifestyle. Talk to your local dealer to find out all the options and features available for your new cart.

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