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Protect Your Home And Family With Wireless Alarm Monitoring

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There is nothing as precious as your family and home. While there are many alarm systems available to help protect your home against robbery and invasion, many are not equipped to function correctly when phone lines or electricity is down or shut off by a criminal. Wireless alarm monitoring is the best way to ensure your home and family are protected, regardless of the circumstances. 

Choosing A Wireless Alarm Monitoring Service

Just like all home services, not all alarm services are created equal. If you are investing in home protection, you need to ensure the company you choose has the best capacity to monitor your home in all types of situations. Criminals know that cutting phone lines, power outages and other factors can leave you vulnerable; don’t risk your home and family by using an alarm service that will not be there when you need it most. Some factors to consider when choosing a alarm monitoring service: 

  • Certified monitoring station – Choose an alarm monitoring company with a monitoring station that has been certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). A 5 Diamond Certification is the best, with only 3% of all monitoring stations receiving this level.
  • VOIPP or no phone line – If you use cellular phones as your only phone lines or VOIPP, wireless alarm monitoring is imperative. Wireless also protects you when traditional phone lines are out of service, or cut by a criminal trying to invade your home. 

Investing in your home and family’s protection is money well spent. While insurance may reimburse you for items stolen, it cannot replace your family or your peace of mind. Wireless alarm monitoring is the most reliable way to protect your family and possessions, so contact a professional security installation service who understands your unique needs.

Posted on behalf of Callaway Security

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