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What You Need to Know About Home Security

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The advancement, availability and affordability of today’s technology has literally allowed most homes to become filled with the most up-to-date electronics for all types of home entertainment.  Indeed, at-home entertainment has become the preferred norm. As such, the majority of homeowner’s are concerned about their home security.

Your local security company should be able to sell, install, service and monitor your home alarm systems. They should be fully licensed and insured for your protection. Of course, using a local security company that has a well-established reputation of trusted service is possibly your most important decision. It is also important to check the security alarm certifications of your potential security company. For example, the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) is one such agency that rates and offers certifications for monitoring stations.

If you already have an existing security system, it may be prudent to have it inspected by another company. You may be able to upgrade and/or receive additional services at another security company; some may offer free monitoring for several months if you are signing up for new service. Often, monthly monitoring rates are lower for new customers. An important consideration for switching security companies is whether they offer an approved monitoring station that supports wireless monitoring.  In the event of downed power lines, having a form of back-up monitoring, such as cellular radio, can add to your home’s protection. Additionally, it can be also be used for smoke fire monitoring. 

Wireless alarm monitoring can be essential to having a dependable security system.  Make sure that your home is safe and secure, by having a reliable system installed and handled by a local certified security professional.


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