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Does Your Company Need a Customized Conveyor Belt?

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Most manufacturing companies are in the need of a conveyor belt or many different belts, depending on the size of the operation. If you own a manufacturing, packaging or shipping company, you probably need to conveyor belts to keep your productivity at the highest level. However, a standard conveyor belt does not always offer the best performance for specialty products. Often, a customized conveyor belt is needed for the highest level of productivity. 

Types of Conveyor Belts

Depending on the type of products you need moved within your warehouse, you may need different types of conveyors. Flat items like cardboard will need a different type of belt than those that move around easily like plastic bottles. Some of the common types of conveyor belts that can used for various applications include: 

  • Vacuum belts. For flat items like cardboard boxes or items that need to be held securely to the belt, a vacuum belt is often used.
  • Cleated belts. Flat items or items that move easily like bulk product usually require a cleated belt. These are also needed for belts that run on an incline.
  • Rough top belts. For packaged materials, rough top belts can grip the products and move them safely, even up an incline. 

If you have items that are unique in size, shape and weight, there may not be standard conveyor belts that are ideal for your needs. An experienced conveyor installation company may be needed to custom design a belt that will combine different features of the various belts available.  This can include the belt surface, size and speed that is required for your business. Talk to your local conveyor belt service company to learn more about designing a customized conveyor belt for your company.

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