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What’s Your Style?

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A successful interior design project is rarely the result of a one-man show. In fact, most professional interior designers will always include a consultation with the homeowner in the beginning stages of the project to discuss such things as budget and timeline.  They will also try to determine the more nebulous question of the homeowner’s personal style. 

To help you prepare, here are some questions to think about: 

Color – Don’t just think about your favorite color, but what group of colors do you gravitate toward? Neutrals, such as beige, white and brown? Bright colors, such as orange, red, yellow or purple? Cool colors, like green or blue? Color is one of the most important aspects of a decorating scheme. Aside from walls, which can be painted, most color is a permanent fixture, such as counters and floors, so getting the color right is essential. 

Texture – By texture, we mean not just fabric texture like linen, cotton or lace, but the texture of the walls, floors and counters and the materials from which they are constructed. Do you like wood, and would that be wood with a smooth shiny surface or a rough, distressed surface? Do you like polished stone, or natural? What about the texture on walls, a stucco surface or smooth eggshell? 

Space – Are you comfortable in clutter or are you a neat freak? Do you love high ceilings and open areas, or do you prefer more coziness in your rooms, with low ceilings and less open areas? 

Objects – Finally, when you make a purchase for you home, be it a piece of furniture, artwork or decorative piece, what are you attracted to? Do you like boxy modern pieces, or plush floral ones? Are you worldly, a risk taker or more traditional in your thinking? 

Being able to articulate your style is one of the best ways to ensure that your interior decorating project will be a successful one.

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