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Dangers of Chimney Damage

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Your chimney is a crucial part of your heating system, doing much more than just keeping smoke out of your home. It dispels dangerous gases that can be deadly to your family, while helping keep the right air flow needed to maintain your fire. Maintaining your chimney should be a top priority; this includes regular cleanings and repairs. Most homeowners that use wood heat understand the dangers of a dirty chimney, but chimney damage can be just as dangerous.

A loose brick or hole in your chimney can put your home and family at risk. Once the chimney structure is compromised, there are many possible hazards you can face. Here are a few of the dangers of allowing your chimney to function when it needs a repair:

  • Gas exposure. Any blockage or leak in the chimney structure can allow hazardous gases to escape into your home. Many of these gases are poisonous and can even cause death.
  • If one brick is loose, others may be as well. If these bricks come loose at the wrong time, they can cause serious injury to anyone who happens to under them when they fall.
  • Damage to your chimney can create a fire hazard. A chimney repair is much less expensive than needing to replace your home and furnishings, not to mention the danger it poses to your family.

If you notice any loose bricks or that your chimney is leaning, call your local masonry repair company right away for an inspection and repair. Chimney repairs can protect your home and family from extensive harm and are worth the investment.

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