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Masonry Concerns When Buying a New Home

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You find the perfect home for your family and you want to secure the deal with a down payment. Before you write that check, you need to make sure that you are buying a home that is structurally sound. While it is common to have a general home inspection, these basic inspections do not always catch hidden issues that could cost you thousands of dollars down the road. Masonry and foundation problems can often be difficult to catch by a general contractor; it may be worth getting a masonry expert to complete an inspection before you buy.

Chimney Inspections

One area that can get overlooked is the chimney. While a quick external inspection of the chimney will be done, this can easily miss hidden problems. You will want a closer look at the chimney, especially if it is an older home. A masonry expert can perform a more detailed chimney inspection to ensure there isn’t structural damage inside the chimney that could lead to fires and other expensive issues down the road.

Foundation Problems

Foundation issues come in many forms and may not be immediately noticeable during a basic inspection. If there is even a slight sinking or unstable component in the foundation, it can put the entire home at risk. A foundation or masonry expert can take a closer look at footings and other elements to ensure the home and other structures like decks have a solid, safe foundation underneath.

It is worth the extra investment for a masonry inspection to be performed on a home you plan to buy. If there are issues, you can negotiate to have them fixed before the sale or have the cost of repairs taken off the sale price.

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