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Protecting Public Safety with Custom Metal Crash Barriers

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A large motor vehicle can be a danger to pedestrians when it careens out of control or is used as a weapon. In areas where there is high foot traffic or outdoor seating areas, it is vital to protect unsuspecting people from injury caused by vehicle intrusion. Crash barriers are a protective structure used to minimize risk of vehicle collisions with pedestrians in areas near main roadways. The best option is a customized metal crash barrier that can be tailored to deter vehicles from entering highly populated pedestrian areas.

What is a Crash Barrier?

Crash barriers are designed to block vehicles from entering an area. They can be made from cement, wood or metal, and can be found in many different locations. Roadside barriers can deter vehicles from exiting the roadway, especially in dangerous areas near cliffs, on sharp turns or on bridges. Crash barriers used for protecting pedestrians are often located in busy foot traffic areas near roadways. Some common buildings and spaces protected by crash barriers include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Parks
  • Work or construction zones

Benefits of Customized Metal Crash Barriers

Metal is the most common material used for crash barriers due to its strength, durability and versatility. Metal fabricators can create customized metal crash barriers that are specifically designed to protect people near a building or congregating in an outdoor space. While generic barriers can be used, they may leave some spots unprotected or not meet the safety needs required. Customized metal barriers offer a higher level of protection, decreasing the chance of a vehicle entering the designated area. It is a wise investment that can minimize the risk of injury or death caused by vehicle accidents or terrorism.

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