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Outdoor Kitchens

Now that the weather is continuing to improve and day light savings time is here, it is time to start thinking about spending more time outdoors.  One of the more popular activities in the warmer months is cooking outside.  While everyone grills out during the warmer months, why mot think about taking it to the next level by building a custom outdoor kitchen that is not only functional but is a key element in any outdoor living area.  Outdoor kitchens are extremely popular and are extremely functional.  In addition they add value to any home, especially in areas of the country such as South Florida where outdoor living spaces are highly desirable.  

An experienced design build contractor will be able to create a design to meet almost any budget, while incorporating the elements that are important to the homeowner.  Designs can range from the very simple, where a grill is built into a wall, to very complex designs that incorporate grilling areas, ovens, work surfaces, refrigerators, sinks, ice makers, storage and other features, which mimic a traditional indoor kitchen.  These more complex designs also incorporate plumbing, electrical and ventilation into the design as well. 

The design of the outdoor kitchen can be incorporated into an overall short and long-term landscape and hardscape plan for the property including pools, patios, dining areas and retaining walls.  In many homeowners see a great deal of value in being able to design, build and enjoy their outdoor kitchen space now and having it fit into the long plan for the property’s outdoor living space!

Posted on behalf of Tri-County Pavers & Design Corp.

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