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Travertine Maintenance

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Homeowners looking to invest in a travertine outdoor patio or pool deck routinely ask the question: once installed, does travertine require a lot of maintenance? The short answer is: if installed and cared for properly, travertine is relatively easy to maintain. 

Maintenance of any travertine depends largely on whether it is sealed. A type of limestone, travertine is porous and alkaline and stains very easily. Sealing will help protect the tile if it is installed in a heavily used area such as a porch or outdoor patio, where food and drink is often spilled. Sealing enhances the color of the stone and makes it more slippery, so homeowners tend not to use sealants on pool decks. 

Sealed or not, travertine should be cared for and maintained keeping the following Do’s in mind: 

Do reapply sealant if you do choose to seal a travertine paved area. Depending on the brand of sealant and how much sun the pavers get, re-application should be done every six months to one year.  

Do wipe spills up immediately to avoid stains. 

Do use an alkaline cleaner or soapy water, avoiding ammonia or citrus based products, as they will stain or erode the finish on the travertine.  

Do use a pressure cleaner on the travertine, especially unsealed travertine around pool areas, every year or so to avoid mildew buildup. 

Do purchase extra pavers when you lay the travertine. All natural stone can vary greatly from lot to lot, so if you need to replace a tile down the road, you can be sure the color matches. Travertine installers and manufacturers generally recommend you purchase about 10 percent more than what you need for your project. 

Do clean a test patch before proceeding with the entire deck or patio so you can be sure the cleaning product will work and won’t do any damage.

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