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How to Make Brick Look New Again

Do you have a brick home, fencing, driveway or other structure that is beginning to look worse for the wear? While new or well-maintained brick offers a classic, luxury appearance, it loses its appeal when it become dirty or stained. Brick does require ongoing maintenance to protect it from damage and to keep it looking its best. If you have brick that is mildewed, stained or covered with a white film, it needs cleaning. You can bring your old brick back to life again with a simple day of pressure washing.

Brick usually does not require chemicals or tough cleaners to clean. Plain water is usually all it needs to strip away mildew, dirt, moss and even efflorescence (the white film that can accumulate on the surface).  A tough stain may require a mild soap and water, but in most cases, water and gentle scrubbing are all you need to bring out the natural beauty of your brick work.

Risks of High Water Pressure to Brick

While pressure washing brick with low pressure can remove most common contaminants on brick, you need to avoid high pressure. Too much water pressure can damage brick and mortar. You may chip away part of the brick or remove mortar, harming the structure. Repointing or new mortaring can be time-consuming and expensive. It is best to hire a professional to clean your brick using specialized low-pressure equipment that will clean without harming your structure.

Make your old brick look new again and improve the beauty of your home. Call your local pressure washing service to learn more about cleaning your brick to restore its classic appeal and protect it from damage.

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