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Protect Your Roof from Ice Damage

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Winters can be rough on your roof. Colder temperatures can bring ice and snow that can cause damage to your roof. Ice dams and heavy snow can put stress on the roof, leading to leaks and other serious roof problems. When winter brings those freezing temperatures, make sure to protect your roof from ice damage that can result in costly repairs or replacement.

Preventing Roof Ice Damage

The key to protecting roofs from cold weather damage is not to allow snow or ice buildup. Snow accumulation can put hundreds of pounds of stress on a roof; it can collapse under the weight of snow. Snow melting and re-freezing can cause ice to form, which can occur under shingles and flashing, as well as create ice dams. Some prevention tips to minimize risks from snow and ice to your roof include:

  • Shovel or remove snow after each heavy snowfall
  • Keep attic well insulated and cool – warmth escaping can melt snow and create ice
  • Clear ice dams, icicles and ice in gutters
  • Watch for evidence of leaks to avoid more serious damage
  • Clean roof and gutters before the cold weather arrives

Ice and snow can cause extensive damage to shingles and flashing, allowing leaks to occur. This can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home, as well as put your home at risk for mold. Preventing roof damage from cold weather is crucial and repairing any issues quickly should also be a priority.

If there are any concerns about damage to your roof from snow or ice, make sure to schedule a professional inspection with a roofing expert. It is best to catch winter damage early and make any repairs needed to protect your roof and your home.

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