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When Was the Last Time Your Chimney was Inspected?

Chimneys play an important role in the safety of your home. Whether you use your fireplace as your main source of heat or only as a cozy option on a cold night, the chimney needs to be maintained. This includes periodic inspections to check the structure for damage or leaks that could be a safety hazard. If it has been many years or you don’t know when your chimney was last inspected, it is time to schedule a chimney professional to perform a complete inspection.

Dangers of Old Chimneys

Chimneys can last for many decades but they do need cleaning and repair. Cleaning can remove the creosote, the resin that can start chimney fires, but it doesn’t repair chimney damage. If there are leaks inside the chimney, chimney fires can occur, even if they have been cleaned.

Another danger of old chimneys is structural damage. Settling and corrosion can impact the stability of a chimney. There are usually signs of deterioration, like leaning, cracks or crumbling bricks, but not always. An unstable chimney could come crashing down, endangering anyone below when it falls.

Professional Chimney Inspections

Every few years it is a good idea to schedule a chimney inspection, especially for chimneys that are decades old. A professional chimney inspector can check the inside and outside of the chimney to ensure it is still safe and structurally sound. If there are repairs that are needed, these can be performed proactively, reducing the risk of fires or collapse.

Home maintenance is almost always less expensive than repairs or replacement, including chimney maintenance. Make sure to schedule routine chimney cleanings and inspections to avoid the risks of chimney fires and deterioration.

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