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Protect Your Home with Routine Gutter Cleaning

Your home’s gutter system provides a valuable service by directing water run-off from your roof away from your home. When gutters become clogged with debris, they can overflow and retain water under your eaves that can cause serious damage. Routine gutter cleaning helps ensure this system is working correctly to provide the drainage benefits necessary to protect your home from too much water saturation.

When gutters are clogged, water will be prevented from safely draining away from your home. This can cause many issues over time. If the water is flowing down your siding, it can cause mildew and damage to the sides of your home. Water that is retained in gutters can also lead to rot under your eaves. Plus, the water that seeps into the ground around your home can cause soil erosion that can impact your foundation and landscaping. Cleaning your gutters at least once a year is the best way to prevent these types of drainage issues.

Hire a Professional for Safe Gutter Cleaning

While you can clean your gutters yourself, it can be a dangerous job. Standing on a ladder or on your roof while using a pressure washer or removing debris by hand is risky. It is worth the investment to hire a professional that has the right training and equipment to clean your gutters thoroughly while you stay safely on the ground.

Early spring and late fall are usually the most beneficial times to perform gutter cleaning to ensure your system stays clear of debris. It is a wise investment to hire a pressure washing company to perform this task, protecting your home and property from water and drainage issues.

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Pressure Washing Your Gutters

Let’s face it, the last thing anyone thinks about is their gutters. They are out of sight and out of mind. However, they are very important to the durability of a home. Gutters collect the rain runoff from the roof, and redirect that water away from areas you want to keep dry-like your foundation and flower beds. They also prevent erosion around your home.

But keeping gutters clean is another job all together. They collect leaves and gook and can easily clog if not maintained properly. Gutters that have standing water because of clogs may spill over and cause leaks in the roof. That is why a thorough cleaning is recommended yearly. Pressure washing equipment can be rented from home improvement stores, or a service can be hired out to professionally vacuum and pressure wash your gutters for you.

If you opt to do the job yourself, do not clean your gutters using a ladder. The power of the water may make you lose balance and get hurt. Instead use a long curved nozzle specially designed for gutters. They are a safer and much more efficient for the job. Renting equipment can save money, and you may decide not to stop with the gutters and clean your driveway and siding while you’re at it.

There are many benefits to hiring a service to pressure wash your gutters. First the job is done quickly by people who know what they are doing. They also can check for and repair damage they encounter while working on your gutters. This may save some costs and headaches down the line. And of course, it means you don’t have to do it, which is always a plus.

So whether you pressure wash your gutters yourself or hire out a professional, remember to give them your attention annually to insure that your roof and home is well protected from water.

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Dangers of Dirty or Clogged Gutters

If you notice your gutters overflowing during heavy rains, it is more than just an inconvenience. Dirty or clogged gutters can put your home at risk for serious damage. Gutters should be sweeping away roof precipitation down and away from the home; if they are clogged, the water can be pouring onto your home and causing damage. Here are some of the dangers of clogged gutters that you will want to avoid.

Foundation Damage

One feature that can impact your entire home is the foundation. Water intrusion can damage the foundation and increase the chance of settling and other issues. Foundation problems can cause extensive structural damage to the house and are expensive to repair. Gutters are meant to keep water away from your foundation to protect this elemental feature, something they cannot do when they are clogged.

Siding, Fascia and Decking Damage

Water flowing straight down over the gutters can be detrimental to the surfaces underneath. Overflowing gutters can rot away wood fascia boards, damage siding and ruin wood decking. It also makes a mess, with needles and leaves coming down with the water onto your siding and deck/patio/porch.


Clogged gutters can cause drainage problems in your yard, impacting your landscaping. Some plants do not fare well with soggy soil, and too much water at once can wash away root systems, mulch and soil, causing erosion.

Considering the extensive amount of problems that can be caused by clogged or dirty gutters, it is much less expensive to get them cleaned by a professional. Call your local pressure washing company that offers gutter cleaning to keep them working properly to protect your home from the dangers of clogged gutters.

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