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Protect Your Fleet Investment with Pro Cleaning

If you have a fleet of trucks, vans or other vehicles for your business, this represents a large investment. Not only do you want to maintain the engine, brakes, tires and other mechanical components, you want to keep your fleet clean. Not only does dirt, salt, oil and other substances damage your paint and frame, dirty vehicles can tarnish your business’ image. Professional cleaning can protect the investment in your fleet and improve your brand’s image.

Benefits of Routine Fleet Cleaning

If your fleet is on the road day in and day out, it is going to get dirty. While you cannot expect to wash a full fleet every day, routine cleaning should be done at minimum twice a month. When you hire a professional pressure washing company to clean your fleet regularly, you can benefit from this investment. Some benefits include:

  • Protect your fleet’s paint from damage
  • Remove chemicals that can cause rust and premature frame deterioration
  • Your fleet is a rolling advertisement – keeping your vehicles clean improves your brand image
  • Retain value or protect your lease on your fleet vehicles

When you invest in regular fleet maintenance, you are protecting one of your business’ largest assets. Dirty fleet vehicles are not only a stain on your reputation, it can cost you more in lost value or damage to the vehicles. Fleeting cleaning can give you a big return on your investment.

To keep your fleet clean, sign up for ongoing cleaning through a local power washing service. They have the right equipment and expertise to protect your investment in your fleet and cleanup up your business’ image.

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Parking Deck Cleaning


Above grade and below grade parking facilities are found throughout the area and are an effective means to provide cost effective parking solutions for a variety of commercial and residential multi-family properties.  Typically they are multilevel structures constructed with concrete and are extremely strong and durable.  Despite their durability many property managers do not realize that periodic maintenance and cleaning is necessary to keep the structure in good condition. 

In addition to being unsightly, oil, hydraulic fluid, brake residue, road residue including mud and road salt can cause deterioration of the concrete surface.  Often these substances will chemically react with the concrete surface and cause the surface to deteriorate, including a flaking of the top layer of concrete.  In garages where cracks in the concrete exist, these foreign materials eventually end up causing deterioration of the reinforcing steel as well.  Another danger associated with the build up of these materials is the slick conditions that will exist when the drive isles and ramps get wet.  This can cause dangerous conditions for both cars and pedestrians alike as braking distances and traction are impacted. 

A periodic power washing of the structure is critical to the removal of the oil, hydraulic fluid, brake residue and road residue.  In addition, to removing these damaging materials, the parking deck pressure washing will restore the garage to a like new condition.  The cleaning will also allow the property manager the means to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the structure to determine what other maintenance items are necessary.  Periodic power washing is an integral component of the overall maintenance plan for any parking structure!

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