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Best Conveyor Belt Options for Food Production Lines

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Conveyor belts are necessary for all types of mass production and are uses extensively in making and packaging food products. However, to meet health standards and other concerns, the conveyors used for food production lines must meet certain specifications. Many small food operations grow to the point where they need to add conveyor belts to meet their production goals. When deciding which conveyor belts are best for a food production line, consider these factors.

Is the Belt Food Grade and USDA Approved?

You must have a conveyor belt that is food grade and has been approved by the USDA for food production. These tend to be non-porous to prevent contamination and issues with bacteria.

Belts Should Have a Specialized Coating

If the food that will be transported has liquid or sticky substances, you will want the conveyor belt to be coated to prevent staining and allow for easy cleaning. Popular coatings include silicone and Teflon, which offer a non-stick surface.

Temperature Compatible Materials

If the food needing to be processed is frozen or hot, it is important to have food grade belts that will be compatible with the temperatures. Some belts may crack in cold temperatures, while others could melt with too much heat.

Cleated or Non-Cleated

Some food products may require cleating to hold the items in place if they are flat, slippery or may roll off the conveyor belt.

In many cases, conveyor belts for food production lines will need to be customized for the exact specifications needed. It is vital to have a conveyor belt company that offers specialized food-grade conveyor belts to find the best option to fit the needs of your business.

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