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Have you ever considered how great it would be to listen to the same music throughout your house? You could make breakfast, take it up to your partner in bed and share it together before jumping into the bathroom to prepare for the day and never miss a note of your favorite tunes. A whole house audio system can make this a reality. You can have speakers and a control system in every room of your house, so that you can enjoy listening everywhere.

Of course, sometimes in busy families, everyone wants to listen to something different and the good news is that a whole house audio system can support this too! With a rack system controlling the inputs hidden away in a closet or in your basement, there’s no problem to have as many media sources connected as you like. Your children can dance to the latest music in the den while you enjoy the classics in the living room.

And it’s not just audio that can be shared.  These amazing systems can handle video too.  You and your family can all watch the same films or TV programs in different spaces, or you can all do your own thing without interfering with anyone else’s viewing. It’s very simple to do and the controls are all part of the same easy to use system.

Each whole house audio/video system is custom designed and installed so it is up to you to choose what you want and where you want it.  Whole house audio/video systems have almost unlimited flexibility.  You can go for simple audio to complex systems with or without video support in every room and mix and match until it’s just right for you and your family.


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