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Does Your Deck Need Leveling?

Have you noticed your outdoor deck seems lopsided? Decks are supported by a system of posts that can sink and settle over time. If you deck is unlevel it may also become unstable, putting your family and guests at risk of injury. Before summer arrives and it is time to spend afternoons and evenings relaxing on your deck, it is vital to have your deck inspected and repaired.

Deck Post Leveling

Lopsided decks are often caused by settling deck posts. The some of the support posts that are on the corners and spaced throughout the perimeter can sink, allowing the deck to shift on one side. When this occurs, extra stress is put on the joints and structure of the deck. If not repaired, the deck could collapse and cause serious injuries to your family or guests.

To relevel a deck, first you need to have a foundation or concrete specialist inspect your deck posts and footings. It is likely one or more deck posts, the slab or footings have settled. Once the problem posts are identified, a solution can be recommended. Concrete leveling techniques can be used to elevate the posts back to their original position and add support to prevent future settling.

It is important to have your deck fully inspected for structural safety after you relevel the posts. You will want to ensure that the deck was not damaged and can still support the weight intended once the posts have been leveled.

An unlevel deck is more than just an eyesore; it can be a safety hazard. Make sure to call in a concrete or foundation expert to level your deck before summer to make your outdoor space safe.

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What Is Causing Your Unlevel Deck or Porch?

Have you noticed your porch or deck is no longer level with your home? This is a common problem and one that can be perplexing, especially if your home’s foundation seems to be in excellent shape and level. Understanding why these exterior structures can become unlevel can help you come up with a solution to fix the problem and prevent further issues.

Why Decks and Porches Settle Faster

Unless they were constructed poorly for the beginning, in most cases, an unlevel porch or deck is caused by settling. The footers that support the deck or porch can settle or sink, often not at the same rate on the opposing sides, creating an unlevel surface. While the house these structures are attached to may remain level, the exposure to the elements is usually why decks and porches settle quicker.

Water and soil erosion are often the culprits of settling foundations and footers. With decks and porches, there is less protection from the elements, allowing more rain and moisture to affect the soil around the footers and supports. This causes quicker settling and can lead to an unlevel structure.

Repair and Prevention

The good news is most decks and porches that are unlevel can be fixed without complete replacement. Often, an experienced foundation expert can elevate the structure to make it level again and repair deck posts that will prevent further settling. In some cases, additional supports need to be added to keep the structure level. Other prevention options include adding a roof or covering that will add more protection from the elements and looking at better drainage solutions.

If your deck or porch is unlevel, have it inspected by a foundation specialist. They can offer repair options and help with prevention methods to protect your structure.

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Anglin’s Foundation & Masonry Repairs
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