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The Benefits of Replacing Old Windows

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There are a few home improvements that can have a multiple-impacts on the value of your home. Replacing old, inefficient windows is one of those improvements. New, energy-efficient windows can add value and comfort to your home in many ways. Here some of the benefits you can realize when you replace old windows.

Energy Savings

One of the biggest benefits of installing new windows is the possible energy savings. Older or poor-quality windows can seep air or have ineffective insulation. Choosing Energy Star windows for replacing those old windows can add up to significant energy savings off your heating and cooling bills, paying for your new windows over time.


There is a plethora of options in design for new windows, giving your home a new look. This can update the style of your home, adding to your curb appeal that can increase the value of your home.


A cold draft can make your home uncomfortable on those chilly days. Updating your windows to well-insulated versions can stop the cold drafts and help maintain a higher comfort level in your home.

Cost vs Value

New windows in your home is one of the best cost-to-value home improvements you can make to your home. The addition of energy-efficient windows can increase the value of your home, on top of ongoing energy savings, making it one of the wisest investments.

If your old windows are no longer efficient or are detracting from the beauty of your home, it may be time to replace them with new, more-efficient models. Talk to your local home contractor about installing new windows to gain these many benefits to your home.

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Are Low E Windows Counterproductive in Winter?

Low E windows, E standing for emissivity, are considered the most efficient windows due to their ability to reflect heat. The glass is covered with a thin metallic substance that reflects heat, helping improve the climate control in the home. While this makes sense during a hot summer, does it also work in the winter? The quick answer is yes, but only if you have a contractor that installs them correctly.

It may seem that low E glass would be counterproductive in the winter. If it reflects the sun, it also would reflect the heat that can be gained when trying to warm your home. However, there are different types of low E windows and different options for installation. For those that have cold winters, considering a lower U-factor is also important, which helps keep heat in, on top of low E windows. For installation:

  • Warmer climates. If the goal is to keep heat out, the low E glass should be put on the exterior window to reflect the heat from the sun, helping to keep the home cooler.
  • Colder climates. For colder winters, you want the low E glass to be installed on the interior windows, reflecting heat back inside to lower heating costs.

Low E windows can be beneficial, allowing light in, but reducing lost cool air during the summer and lost warm air during the winter. However, it is just one of several factors to consider when installing new windows. U-factor. SHGC, VT and CR are other considerations when picking your new windows. Talk to your contractor to learn more about what all these options mean and to determine the best windows for your home’s energy efficiency.

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5 Benefits to Updating the Windows in Your Home

When considering investing in home improvements, you want to put money into areas that will give you the most benefits. If you have older windows, updating them to newer models can have more value than you might realize. Here are five benefits of updating your old windows for your next home improvement project.

  1. Energy saving. Let’s start with how new windows can save you money. Did you know upgrading to energy efficient windows can save up to $500 a year in energy costs? In just a few years they can pay for themselves with their insulating properties. Plus, energy efficient windows add to the value of your home.
  2. Curb appeal. There are many beautiful design options in the window industry. You may be surprised how new windows can enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  3. Not only does poor insulation in your windows affect your energy costs, it also changes your comfort level. Drafts can be eliminated with the addition of new windows in your home.
  4. Old windows can stick or have issues opening. Get back full function with new windows that work as they should.
  5. Humidity issues. Do you see condensation on your old windows? That excess water can lead to humidity issues in your home. High humidity can lead to mold problems, an expensive and dangerous issue to have in your home.

New windows are a safe and wise investment into your home. Talk to your local home contractor that offers window replacement. Make sure to ask about energy efficient options that will save you money and add to the value of your home.

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Residential Tax Credit

Did you know you could get a tax credit just for updating your home’s windows or roof? The IRS offers a substantial tax credit when you make your home more energy efficient by improving the insulation of your home. With the end of 2015 drawing near, now is the time to get the new windows, insulation or roof you need and qualify to write part of the cost off as a tax credit on your 2015 tax return.

How the Tax Credit Works

The IRS will allow a tax credit for up to 10% of the purchase price of home improvement products that can decrease your energy use. This includes exterior doors, windows, roofing, insulation and even some furnace purchases. The products must be part of the pre-approved list of energy efficient options, often have the Energy Star rating. There are limits on the total amount of credit you can use, regardless of the total cost of your products.

To find out what products are covered, you can look up the list of covered products and how much you can use as a tax credit on the IRS website at under individual tax credits for homeowners. The credit is only for the product costs, not to be used against the cost of installation.

Now is the time to upgrade your windows and roof to a more efficient option. You could save hundreds of dollars every year off your energy costs, plus get a tax credit you can use right away on your 2015 federal tax return. Some states also offer an energy credits toward their state tax returns. To learn more, talk to your tax professional and call a local contractor that installs energy efficient roofing and windows today!

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