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When Is a Good Time to Get a Golf Cart Tune Up?

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Like any vehicle, golf carts need regular maintenance to keep them in good running condition and to extend the life of the motor. Tune-ups are important, and should be done at least once a year. But is there a better time of year to do a tune-up? Yes and no, depending on how often and when you use your golf cart.

Seasonal Use

Golf carts are used for many activities beyond golf. Many times, this is a seasonal use. If you use your golf cart for a true golfing-mobile, you may only use it in the summer in some climates. For those who have a golf cart for hunting excursions, it may be primarily in the fall. When you only use your golf cart for part of the year, it is best to tune-up at the end of the season before you put it away for storage.

Year-Round Use

If you use your golf cart year-round for personal transportation, golfing or for your business, you can schedule your annual tune-up whenever it is convenient. It doesn’t matter the season, so long as you keep on top of the maintenance. Your local golf cart dealer can perform your tune-up, brake check, oil changes (if needed) and other maintenance for you to save you the trouble of trying to do it all yourself.

Gas and electric golf carts need different types of maintenance and tune-ups, so it is important to check your owner’s manual or talk with your local dealer about a maintenance checklist for your cart. The time of year you get your golf cart maintenance and repairs done is not as important as ensuring it does get completed every year.

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