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Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing

A pressure washer can be a handy tool to have – you can easily clean your vehicles or driveway with this high-powered tool. When it comes to cleaning your outdoor areas, power washing is one of the best options available for removing dirt and grime. However, there are dangers when using a pressure washer that can put you or your property at risk. Here are a few dangers to avoid with DIY pressure washing.

Wood Cleaning

Spraying off your deck or fencing can keep it clean but too much water pressure can damage wood. You need to know the right setting for your wood to reduce the chance of damage. A high-pressured stream can gouge the wood, permanently damaging your expensive deck or fence.

Roof and Gutters

Many homeowners want to save money and decide to pressure wash their gutters and roof themselves. This can be dangerous and damaging. Any time you are off the ground using a pressure washer, there are safety risks. It can be wet and slippery standing on a roof or ladder – it is easy to slip and fall, causing serious injury. Roof cleaning also must be carefully performed – too much pressure can ruin expensive roofing or even cause leaks.

Removing Paint or Damaging Siding

If you want to clean your siding using your pressure washer, be careful. Too much pressure can remove your exterior paint – that is how painters remove old paint before adding a new color. Pressure washing can also damage shingles or siding, especially soft woods like cedar.

When it comes to cleaning high areas, wood or painted structures, you may want to hire a professional power washing service. They can ensure your surfaces are cleaned correctly and safely, avoiding the damage and injuries that are common with DIY pressure washing.

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Pressure Washing Brick Homes

Brick homes are beautiful, especially when well maintained.  Often homeowners are under the mistaken notion that brick does not require any maintenance, but nothing could be further from the truth.  One of the maintenance tasks that should be done yearly is a thorough pressure washing to keep the brick looking new by removal of any dirt, mold, mildew, stains or other grime that can accumulate on the surface. 

Not only does pressure washing keep the brick looking like new, but it also allows the homeowner to visually inspect for missing mortar, cracked or broken brick.  In addition, the periodic cleaning will keep the mortar weep joints open, which is critical to keeping the home dry. 

A periodic brick home pressure washing by a qualified, licensed and insured power washing contractor can perform this service quickly, as well as economically.  The highly trained technician will be able to effectively use specialized pressure washing equipment that will be able to deliver the water at just the right psi as not to damage the brick.  Many homes today have a sand finish on the brick face that is applied during the manufacturing process. 

While generally durable, these brick faces can be damaged very easily by improper pressure washing techniques, including using too high of a psi on the equipment delivering the water, as well as holding the nozzle of the pressure washing “wand” too close to the face of the brick.  This will damage the brick and is a very common occurrence, with unqualified pressure washing companies and untrained technicians. 

A highly experienced pressure washing company that is licensed and insured will utilize qualified and trained technicians to clean the brick on your home, without damaging it!

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