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Add Strength to Beauty with an Custom Iron Trellis

Are you looking for ways to create a unique and interesting style for your yard or outdoor space? A trellis can be used in a variety of ways in landscaping and outdoor door design. Wrought iron trellis formations can be custom designed in almost any shape or size. Not only are they beautiful, iron has the strength to withstand the elements and last for many years to come.

Ideas for Outdoor Trellis Uses

Trellises are typical used as a climbing apparatus for vines and plants, often roses or ivy varieties. While this is their primary purposes, they can also be used in creative ways to add interest and function to your outside areas. Here are a few ideas on how to use your trellis:

  • Cover a boring wall. Trellises are perfect for hiding a worn fence or a boring wall that is devoid of style. Use the trellis to create a beautiful wall of green that hides imperfections or adds interest to a dull corner of your yard.
  • Add a divider. Trellises can be staked or anchored into the ground and used to create a divider between outdoor areas. Whether they are stand-alone iron walls or covered in foliage, they can break up your space and even add shade when covered in vines.
  • Adorn entrances. Everyone has seen arched trellises that cover gates and entry ways. Iron trellises are perfect for adorning entrances, whether with an arch or a complete pagoda.

The amazing aspect of an iron trellis is that you can have it designed however you want by a metal fabricator. You can have it made any size or shape, with whatever type of style you desire. Contact a local metal welder and fabricator to explore the options for adding a beautiful iron trellis to your outdoor space that can be the focal point of your yard.

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