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Kids and Smartphones: Are They Ready?

As a parent, it is difficult to know what is right for your child in today’s high-tech world. From a very early age, kids begin asking for their own cell phone and many parents are tempted to give into their pleas. After all, it is a good way to keep in touch with your kids and give them a way to contact you if there is an emergency. However, kids don’t just want a cell phone; they want a smartphone, preferably a popular model like an iPhone. Considering the cost and responsibility, how do you determine if your kid is ready for a smartphone?

All kids mature at different rates – only you can decide if your child is ready to take on the responsibility of having a smartphone. A study performed by Influence Central in 2016 showed that kids are getting their first smartphones, on average, at a little over ten-years of age. While you ultimately will make the choice when, or if, your child gets a smartphone, here are some tips:

  • Create a contract with your child. You need to have a real conversation about the responsibility of having a smartphone. Not only in keeping it safe, but in how and when it is used. A written contract that you and your child agree on before they get their phone can help outline the rules.
  • Check out security apps. There are many built-in apps in iPhones to give parents the ability to disable certain features or access on the phone for their child. There are also apps for androids that can be downloaded.
  • Protect the phone. You want your child to be safe, but you also want to protect that expensive phone. Make sure to go to a local cell phone repair shop with the new phone. Get a durable case and screen protector; also, ask about screen protection plans that cover unlimited glass repairs, a common kid problem.

If you decide your kid is ready for their first smartphone, take the time to make sure they understand the rules. Get the security apps and device protection in place to help reduce issues for both your child and the new phone.

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