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Maintaining Steel or Metal Staircases

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If you have metal staircases in your home or business, you rely on the durability these structures. Metal is perfect for staircases due to the strength it provides, especially in industrial applications. However, even metal or steel needs regular maintenance to ensure that it does not corrode, rust or breakdown. Here are few maintenance tips to extend the life of your metal staircase.


Dirt, dust and debris can shorten the life of your staircase. When allowed to accumulate, the grit and grime can wear down the protective coating, exposing the metal to the elements. This will also detract from the aesthetics of the metal. Cleaning should be done as often as needed.

To clean metal staircases, you can use an all-purpose floor cleaner. First, test the cleaner on a small patch of the metal to ensure the chemicals do not cause a reaction. Once tested, you can use a stiff brush to apply the cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In outdoor areas, a pressure washer or hose can be used to rinse the stairs; be careful not to use too much pressure that could harm the coating.


You should routinely inspect your metal staircases, testing rails and treads. If any seem loose or begin to show signs of rust, schedule a repair. A local metal fabricator that specializes in staircases can fix loose welds or replace treads that have damage. 


If multiple issues begin occurring on your staircase, it may be time for a restoration. Fixing and replacing corroded or rusted areas and adding a new coating can extend the life of your staircase by many years without the expense of replacement.

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