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Cost Versus Value of Adding New Siding to Your Home

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Cost versus value is often a factor to consider when approaching new home improvement projects. This is especially important if you are planning to sell your home in the next few years. While many home improvement projects can add value to your home, you must consider how much the project will cost versus the value added to your home. One of the most beneficial home improvements when it comes to cost versus value is adding new vinyl siding. 

Benefits of New Vinyl Siding

While it may be more fun to add a new pool or spa to your home, it will not give you the same increase in value as a practical improvement like vinyl siding. For most home improvements, if you can come close to having an increase in home value equal to the cost of the improvement, it is considered a good investment. Siding usually adds almost as much value as it will cost, unlike many other projects that offer little or no increase in home value.  

However, value is not the only benefit to adding new siding, especially if you are selling your home. Vinyl siding has other benefits that may make your home more desirable to buyers, adding value in a different way, including: 

  • Curb appeal and overall home appearance
  • Easy maintenance and care – no need for constant painting or difficult cleaning
  • Longevity
  • Energy efficiency 

Even if you are not planning to sell your home, you want a home that looks beautiful that is easy to maintain, making new vinyl siding an excellent choice. To learn more about adding new siding to your home, call your local siding or home construction contractor.

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Home Siding Replacement

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The siding of the home serves as the main barrier between your home and the weather. Elements such as rain, snow, wind, and temperature changes can have an effect on the inside temperature and humidity within your house. When the siding on your home has been damaged or is simply in need of replacement due to wearing down from age, it is important to have it replaced in a timely manner. Worn down siding can have a negative impact on the appearance of your home, it can decrease your home’s efficiency, and it can leave it susceptible to damage from weather elements. 

There are different options when it comes to replacing the siding on your home. If you are replacing the siding on the entire house, you have the option of changing the color. Of course you want to choose a color that works within your home owners association guidelines, but choosing a new color can add a new appeal to your home. You can also choose a different siding material when replacing the siding. Different materials can give your home a slightly different look. Replacing aluminum siding with more durable, energy efficient vinyl siding can add value to your home. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and it holds its color for a longer period of time. Because there is no painting required for maintenance, there is little involved to keep it looking nice. 

Finding a company with a solid reputation for customer service and quality siding replacement is essential to making your home improvement a valuable investment. Siding can look great and protect your home, making your investment worthwhile and beautiful.

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Benefits Of Using Vinyl Siding

If your home needs a face lift, one of the best ways to give it a new look is with vinyl siding. Whether you currently have old, worn out siding or just are tired of needing to paint your home every few years, vinyl siding is an affordable option that looks great, is easy to maintain and can protect your home through all types of weather. In addition, vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of designs and color options, making it perfect for almost any home. 

Why Use Vinyl Siding

Choosing vinyl siding over painting or other types of siding such as shingles or shakes comes down to a few factors: price, maintenance and curb appeal. 

  • Price. While shakes and shingles can look nice, they are much more expensive than vinyl. Also, while painting is definitely less expensive than re-siding a home, in a few years that paint will need to be re-applied so the cost savings can be negligible.
  • Maintenance. Vinyl siding is the easiest siding to maintain. It does not need to be treated like wood or other materials, and is very easy to clean.
  • Curb appeal. There is no doubt that a newly painted or shingled home can look wonderful, however, it can quickly lose that look once bad weather hits. Vinyl siding looks as good a few years down the road as it did when it was first added. 

It is estimated that almost a third of homes in the U.S. now have vinyl siding, no doubt for many of these simple reasons. It is a practical, affordable way to make your old home look new again, so contact a reputable vinyl siding professional today to discuss your options for exterior home surfacing with vinyl.

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