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Benefits of PVC Conveyor Belts

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Do you own or manage a food packaging business? Whether you have a small produce business or a large international company packaging nuts, you need conveyor belts that are food-grade and will benefit your operation. PVC conveyor belts are an excellent choice for many food packaging operations due to unique advantages that these belts provide. Meat, produce, poultry and nuts are all common foods that PVC conveyor belts can transport with less issues than other types of belts. Here are some of the benefits of PVC for your conveyor belt.

  • Acid resistance. PVC belts are perfect for high acidity food items and provide excellent chemical resistance. Where other materials can react or impact acidic foods like meat and poultry, PVC does not, providing a safe and effective transport material.
  • Rot resistance. The PVC belts are not prone to rot or mildew like many other belt materials. This is very important to meet health code standards when packaging moist foods like meats and produce.
  • Design options. PVC conveyor belts can be designed with your business’ needs in mind. Some PVC belts are made with a chevron pattern that enhances grip for inclined belts, while other businesses prefer crescent profiles or other designs for their needs.
  • High strength. PVC conveyor belts are durable with a high strength capacity, which is especially needed in the meat packing industry.

If you are in the food packing industry, consider the benefits of PVC conveyor belts for your factory operations. Talk to your local conveyor belt supplier about the options available in this versatile belt material that works so well for the food packaging industries.

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