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User Interface: The Next Wave

Far removed from the radical development of Macintosh, User Interface (UI) once consisted of one mouse, one screen, and one human. While we’ve witnessed the shift from text to graphics, it may be too far-fetched to imagine the future of interface through the use of gestures. Or, is it? Motion-sensing devices (Wii remote, Kinect, and PlayStation) suggest that the future is not one to be dominated by taps and clicks. Rather, the next wave of User Interface is one with improved data and space, 3 dimensional navigation, and sensing abilities.

When we talk about User Interface (UI), we are referencing the dynamic between person and computer. The computer responds to the person through graphics, texts and sound. In recent years, new ideas have revolutionized interface, involving the use of touch, voice and gestures through the emergence of Smartphones, Siri, and Microsoft Kinect. Still in its early stages, these advancements do offer a few clues about the direction of user interface.

Turning the corner from 2 dimensional User Interface to a real-worldish relationship between computer and user will hinge on the introduction of the z-axis. The z-axis will give the computer sensing abilities, increasing the number of functions that can be mapped to body movements through special gloves or props. Some argue that this represents the future of analytics, organization, and sorting information. For others, it means that, for once, they can wave a magic wand and create an in-depth relationship that is meaningful.

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