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Types of Fire Pits

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A fire pit is a great functional and aesthetic outdoor feature that can add charm and comfort to any backyard. These free-standing accessories can serve as the ideal centerpiece for an outdoor entertainment area such as a patio, and are used for cooking, or to provide warmth for you and your guests on a chilly day. There are several different types of fire pits:

1)      Wood burning versus gas burning

Fire pits may be powered with propane from a built-in tank or with natural gas through a gas line or pipe. With wood burning fire pits, seasoned, dry hardwood chips or logs are used for combustion. Many people covet wood burning fire pits for the pleasant visual and olfactory effects of kindled wood. A fire pit may be wood burning or gas burning regardless of the material or design of the fire pit.

2)      Assembled versus pre-made

Pre-made fire pits are those that are bought from a store and can include fire bowls or fire pit tables. These types of fire pits look like a large bowl set into a low table-like frame. They usually come with a cover and some may include a grill for cooking. Another type of pre-made fire pit is the chimenea fire pit, a type of enclosed, upright fireplace shaped like a bottle.  Pre-made fire pits are portable; in fact, some have wheels. Pre-made fire pits come in a variety of materials including ceramic, copper, cast iron, or terra cotta.

Assembled fire pits on the other hand are custom-made to fit a homeowner’s taste and specifications. They are built with stone pavers, concrete bricks, or cinderblocks, and are usually incorporated into a patio design. Most assembled fire pits look like a well-like enclosure resting near the ground. Do-it-yourself fire pit assembly is an option; however, landscaping companies also install custom fire pits. Assembled fire pits may be temporary or permanent. They can be built above ground or below the surface.

3)      Metal versus non-mental

Metals fire pits are most commonly made of copper or cast iron, although stainless steel and aluminum fire pits are also available. Cast iron fire pits are more economical than copper fire pits but do not last as long since they rust more quickly. Copper fire pits are prized for their natural finish.  Fire pits may also be made of non-metal materials such as ceramic or terra cotta. When it comes to cooking, non-metal fire pits require a metal grill for flame grilling.

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