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Pros and Cons of Installing Wrought Iron Railings

Do you have a stairway or a deck that needs a railing? Railings offer safety for kids, pets and anyone standing on the edge. However, they can also add style and design, depending on the type of railing you use. Wrought iron railings are a popular option for all types of buildings, but they do have their benefits and drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of using wrought iron railings for your next deck or stairway project.


Wrought iron is durable, classic and perfect for the outdoors. There is a good reason that wrought iron is such a popular fencing option, and a great choice for railings. Here are some of the pros of wrought iron railings:

  • Customizable. A metal fabricator can make your railings any shape, size or design.
  • Traditional. If you like a traditional or classic style, wrought iron is a nice option.
  • Strength. Nothing beats wrought iron for strength, an important feature for safety railings.
  • Longevity. Wrought iron doesn’t rot like wood or be tempting for termites, and can last for decades if maintained.


With all good things come a price. For wrought iron railings, the actual price can be a con for some. Wrought iron is more expensive than many other materials. It also requires maintenance to keep it looking good and to protect it from the elements.

If you want a long-lasting option for a new stairway or deck railing, wrought iron is a classic, timeless option. Talk to your local metal fabricator that creates wrought iron railings to get the style and design that will reflect your taste.

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Benefits of a Wrought Iron Railings

Do you need a new railing for your deck or staircase at your home or business? Consider the benefits of adding wrought iron railings for beauty, safety and durability. Wrought iron is a classic option when you want to secure a raised deck or add hand rails for your steps or staircase, with many advantages over other material options. Here are some of the benefits of using wrought iron railings for your next project.

  • Stability. Wrought iron is a safe and stable material for secure railings. When professionally installed and maintained, they can withstand the elements and pressure that is needed for a stable railing.
  • Style. Wrought iron is a beautiful, classic style option for any steps, staircase or deck. It can enhance a plain cement step into your home or blend well with wood or other decking materials. It works with older buildings and modern designs.
  • Customization. Wrought iron railings can be customized for any types of structure. You can choose a simple, classic railing or have your fabricator create a unique design that will blend into your building’s style. There are no limits to the type of railing that can be created from wrought iron, only limited by your imagination.
  • Longevity and durability. Wrought iron will not rot like wood and can last for many years when maintained. It is a good investment, adding a classic appeal to your home or business while providing the safety that is needed.

Don’t settle for boring railings on your deck or staircase. Talk to your local metal fabricator about creating stunning, safe wrought iron railings for your next project.

Posted on behalf of:
LCG Welding, LLC
4625 Church Road
Cumming, GA 30028
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