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Advantages of a Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum cleaning system is a great choice for almost any home.  Modern central vacuum cleaning systems can be installed in most existing homes by a professional installer in less than a day without damaging your walls and they have many advantages over portable vacuum cleaners.

A central vacuum cleaning system is much more powerful than a portable vacuum so it does a far better job of picking up dirt, dust, mites, dander, and other debris.  The size and power of the motor in portable vacuum is necessarily limited to keep the weight of the vacuum down.

A large powerful motor would be too heavy for a portable vacuum cleaner.  A central vacuum cleaner does not have this problem.  The motor for a central vacuum cleaner is permanently installed in one place and can be as large as necessary for powerful vacuum performance.

Central vacuums are much more effective at cleaning due to these powerful motor and also because the exhaust and dust is directed outside the living area.  A portable vacuum works by attempting to capture the dust and dirt in a canister or bag and uses filters to try to limit the amount of dust and dirt exhausted back into the room.  The problem is that there is a limit to the efficiency of these systems and some dust and dirt will simply get stirred up and blown around the room.

A central vacuum does not have this issue.  All of the exhaust and dirt is sent to a central location outside the living area, typically in garage, storage area, or other space.  As a result, the air in your home is much cleaner when you use a central vacuum system.  Allergy sufferers in particular find that their symptoms are much reduced after installation of a central vacuum system.

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