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Common Cause of Window and Door Problems

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Does your door stick when it opens or closes? Do you have windows that are hard to open or will not open at all? When you have doors and windows that are not working right, it may be a bigger problem. If your home is settling or your foundation is sinking, it can affect your home’s structure. Window and door problems can be one of the first signs you may need a foundation repair.

One door or window that does not work correctly could be an isolated issue. However, when you have more than one door or window that are not opening or closing right, it may be a structure issue. Even if there is not a noticeable change in the level of your home, you could be experiencing the beginning of foundation problems. This issue will only continue to get worse if the foundation is settling and could eventually cause serious structural problems.

Hire a Foundation Specialist for an Inspection

To determine whether a foundation problem is causing your door and window issues, contact a foundation specialist. They can perform a thorough inspection on your foundation to determine if it is sinking or settling. Catching this issue early can give you a chance to have your foundation leveled or repaired to prevent serious and expensive damage to your home’s structure.

If more than one window or door are hard to open or close, you should consider that a foundation problem may be causing these issues. Find a foundation professional to inspect your home and foundation. Not only could this help resolve annoying door and window dysfunction, it can protect your home from further structure damage.

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