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The History of the Golf Cart

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Today’s golf carts go far beyond just traveling between 18-holes. Golf carts have come off the course and now are used in airports, for personal transportation, for events and all types of activities. Have you ever wondered when and how these economical and eco-friendly vehicles were invented? Here is a brief timeline on the history of the golf cart and how they become a staple for business and personal use.

  • Golf carts were first actual carts that were pulled like rickshaws by caddies…in the 1930-40’s these were used on some courses and the first versions of electric golf carts were devised based on this concept. However, none caught on for mass production during these early stages.
  • R.J. Jackson marketed the first gas-powered, 3-wheeled golf cart in the 1950’s called the Arthritis Special, geared toward elderly golfers.
  • Marketeer began selling electric golf carts in 1951, which quickly became more popular than the gas-powered version. They were quieter without smoke, traits that were appreciated on the golf course.
  • During the 50’s, several other companies began making golf carts, including E-Z Go in 1954, which are still around today
  • By the 1960’s, golf courses began to rent carts to give those unable to buy their own an option for course transportation.
  • 1970’s until today, golf carts remain similar but with more options and better technology. Batteries last longer, more custom options can be added and street legal kits are available, making them popular for many different activities.

Golf carts have come a long way since they were pulled around by caddies. To see all the new options in golf carts, visit a local golf cart dealer and checkout all the models and features available.

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